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What, Why and How of Ambergris


#1 Where does ambergris come from?

Ambergris starts to form when the whale produces a fatty, cholesterol-rich substance as a defence Find out more

#2 What does ambergris feel like?

Ambergris will have a slightly waxy feel to it and often appears grainy inside Find out more

#3 How much is ambergris worth?

The price of ambergris varies on the quality and age Find out more

#4 How do you identify ambergris?

Lab testing is by far the best way to test ambergris, however you can carry ouut some basic tests Find out more

#5 Is ambergris whale poop or vomit?

No one has ever seen the Sperm whale secrete ambergris but it is widely believed that the ambergris is expelled via the mouth Find out more

#6 Can you find ambergris in the uk?

Ambergris can be found on any coastline in world Find out more

#7 Where is ambergris most commonly found?

Ambergris is most commonly found on ocean facing beaches Find out more

#8 Why is ambergris so expensive?

Ambergris is expensive for numerous different reasons, one common factor being that it acts as a ‘fixative’ in perfumes Find out more

#9 What does ambergris smell like?

The ambergris can evolve and change in many different ways, but the most common scents are ‘farmyard’ or ‘tobacco’ Find out more

#10 What colour is ambergris?

The colour of ambergris can vary from black through to white Find out more